Take a tip from Halley Fortenberry and help your clients get in the perfect nail shape. To help cut down consultation time, this Fort Walton Beach, Fla.-based nail tech got crafty and made a nail shape guide that she keeps on display next to swatches and awards.

“Someone may be contemplating switching it up from the classic square shape to something trendy and different and my nail wheel helps tremendously,” she says. “Clients can visually see and feel the options. In most cases, my clients have no idea that there are that many shapes to choose from.”

When it comes to recommending a nail shape to clients, Fortenberry suggests a shape that complements the natural curve of the client’s eponychium and says it’s important to keep a client’s hobbies and day-to-day activities in mind. To learn more tips and tricks from Fortenberry, visit her on Instagram @missexclusivenails.

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