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Correct Acrylic Form Placement: How to Get Great C-Curves Without Pinching

Learn how to place your form correctly to create a liquid-and-powder acrylic extension that’s as sleek as possible.

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What's The Difference? Clarifying Commonly Confused Nail Terms

You probably know the essential differences between the products and nails terms you use in the salon every day — like soft gel versus hard or LED light versus UV. But could you provide a clear explanation to a curious client? And what about those fuzzy terms that can mean different things to different people? Here's a terminology "cheat sheet" we hope will help keep us all on the same page.

Almond Nail Tutorial Using Gel

The Nail Hub's Elizabeth Morris shows how to sculpt an almond nail using gel.

Easy Summer Ballerina Nail Art Tutorial

Celina Ryden uses Light Elegance's Year of the Woman collection to create a fun summer design with a ballerina or coffin nail shape.

How To Sculpt A Coffin Nail With Gel

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows how to sculpt a coffin nail using gel.

How to Shape an Almond Nail

Paola Ponce explains how to shape the perfect almond-shaped nail.

How To Sculpt A Stiletto Nail With Gel

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows how to sculpt a stiletto nail using gel.

How to Shape the Perfect Almond Nail

Learn how to shape an almond nail.

How to Create Stiletto Nails Using Japanese Gel

Paola Ponce shows how to shape a stiletto nail using Japanese soft gel.

What Is a Nail Apex?

Refresh your nail anatomy knowledge with this video from Kiara Sky about the importance of the nail apex.