We’ve told you before about nail techs who design and sell pre-painted nail tips online. What makes U.K.-based nail tech Leanne Scott different is her clientele. “While I do sell nails to anyone who’d like to purchase them, I specialize in nails for the transgender/cross-dressing community,” she says. “I am able to offer advice to people who have never worn false nails before and carry a range of large-fitting nails that are perfect for not-so-delicate hands.” She also makes customized nails for drag queens that match their clothing.

Scott began catering to these groups pretty much by accident. “I started selling my nails via Etsy and one day I was contacted to see if I was able to make the nails bigger to fit male hands,” she says. “After a lot of research and effort to track down a supplier, I was able to find some wide-fitting full-cover nails and started to introduce them to my store. They are now among my biggest sellers.”

Leanne Scott

Leanne Scott

Scott has customers all over the world and attends special events that serve this community. “This lets me chat with them to find out what they really want,” she says. She’s found she really likes her customers. “The drag queens are enormous fun to work with. They are larger than life and have some fantastic outfits I can match their nails to or draw inspiration from.

“In many cases my buyers have never tried false nails before, so I am very quick to offer them advice on before- and aftercare, and also the correct way to fit the nails. Having a successful business is great for anyone, but I also get enormous satisfaction from being able to help my clients achieve the look they are after and in some cases have never been able to achieve as the product was not formerly available.”

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