There’s beauty in flaws and the same goes for nails. While sharp lines and crisp cutouts make up a trendy geometric manicure, a random and abstract design can be just as interesting. This psychedelic nail executed by mobile nail tech, Gena del Portillo, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., requires no precision. In fact, imperfections are encouraged to get this trippy and funky look.

The tip was inspired by and created for famed designer and makeup artist, Aileen Quintana. “I had the pleasure of being involved in an interactive installation she did at an event called III Points in Miami,” says del Portillo. “It was complete overload and the theme was psychedelic colors and gems.”

As a nail tech on wheels, del Portillo says she is used to executing designs in bizarre settings for a clientele that may not normally use her services if she was stationary. “I love building a relationship with clients in a setting that is more comfortable to them,” says del Portillo. “With new clients, you can never be sure of the setting. I once had to remove acrylics on a back porch on a hot Florida summer day — not a pleasant experience but I do enjoy being mobile.”

Follow these steps to see how del Portillo created a kaleidoscope of color on nails.

1. Apply a bright and light color polish of your choice to the entire nail as the base.

2. Choose a darker, complementary color and apply from the cuticle down, creating a messy gradient effect. No perfection needed.

3. Pick a couple of more bright colors and abstractly apply one color at a time on a random location. This step will create a splattered paint look.

4. Apply one to two thin coats of any fine glitter topper polish of choice over the entire nail.

5. Randomly apply large-particle loose glitter pieces to the nail using a bit of top coat. Seal the nail with top coat.

6. Starting in one corner of the nail, apply rhinestones of varying colors and sizes. Use the large sizes in the center and edge and medium ones around it. Take small rhinestones and surround the larger ones and place remaining over the nail.

You can find more of del Portillo’s nail art on her Instagram, @i_heart_nailart.

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