Say someone gave you $10,000 to spend on your business, how would you use it? 

If someone gave me $10,000 to spend on my business, I would actually open a business. In the last two weeks I have been struggling with my city due to zoning issues and with the state board for ventilation problems. It’s a lot of money to get started so that’s what I would use it for considering I already have supplies needed for my business. I wouldn’t be greedy by wasting it on product. I would invest it in business cards and minor advertising.
Karalee Chabot
freelance nail artist, Nashua, N.H.

What would $10,000 help with? Well, let’s start with everything! As a small business owner (and I mean very small), I understand what it is to struggle to make your dreams a reality. Sometimes the only thing holding you back from your dream is finances. $10,000 can mean more polish for some but for people like me, it could mean the difference between having a dream and actually living it. I am no stranger to struggle and not at all a stranger to being a dream chaser. $10,000 would mean an opportunity to expand my nail art business to a wider audience by opening up more nail bars and touch hearts of more people.
Nuni Torres
The Nail Art Bar, Orlando, Fla.

If someone were to invest $10,000 in my business I would utilize a portion of the funds to ensure that I have a boost in my advertising. Certainly, generating a buzz about my business is a must! One of my plans for the future includes opening an exclusive nail art destination for those clients who already have a great nail tech but want to step up their nail designs. It would be a perfect place for a bridal party, holidays, and any other special occasion. Allocating funds for comfortable furniture and creating a relaxing and delightful atmosphere for the client would be important as well, while making sure that art supplies are bountiful and ready for nail techs to create divine designs.
Lisa Bennett
nail school graduate, Bakersfield, Calif.

If someone gave me $10,000 to spend on my salon the first thing I would get would be a new sign. When we got our roof redone, someone stole our sign for scrap metal. We replaced the sign with a banner but it didn’t last long due to high winds. After a new sign, I would get a new floor.
Kelly McNair
Kiki & Company, Toledo, Ohio