InStyle magazine, in its January 2013 issue, dispelled a couple long-standing misconceptions about gel manicures and provided remedies for keeping gel manicured nails healthy.

Many readers asked the question, "Will gel manicures ruin my nails?" InStyle responded with the following answer:

Gel polishes tend to dehydrate nails a little more than regular polish, but what is most lethal is the moisture-sucking acetone, which is used for removal. To avoid long-term problems, take a break after every two gel manicures and do a regular one. Also, when you have a gel manicure, apply cuticle oil (like CND's Solar Oil) all over your nails nightly — it penetrates the polish and will moisturize the nail beds.

For removal, InStyle recommends Orly's Extra Strength nail polish remover or OPI's Gelshine Gel Colour Removal Kit.

InStyle also addressed the common question: "Do UV Lamps Cause Skin Cancer?" The answer was as follows: LED bulbs do not emit the kind of UV radiation that is a potential risk. Beyond that, experts say the amount of UV radiation your hands are exposed to while nails dry isn't likely to cause any problems. Until more research is done, stay safe by applying sunscreen with titanium or zinc to hands before a gel mani.

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