Recently, I had a new guest in for a service. As I worked feverishly to provide her with a meticulous manicure, I became frustrated.  She was sharing with me her past nail technician woes and I was thinking I can see a challenge on both sides.

As a nail professional, my goal is to get the guest to come back — over and over again. How do I do that, you ask?  My strategy is simple: service, experience, and education. Of these, education is the most important. Education creates dialogue and trust between us and them. It allows us an opportunity to “teach” our guests and educate them on services and products. 

I began to talk to my guest about her previous salon experience, services, and retail purchases. Her response? Nada! That is where the nail professional kicks in. I began to educate her on the features and benefits of two products I wanted to recommend to her for homecare. Most importantly, I began to talk to her about how I could provide a service for her in the salon to jumpstart the long-term results. She said, “Wow, I’ve been to many places but I have never been told that these options were available to me. I will be back.” That was music to my ears, and yet it brought me sadness. 

Upselling a service to a client does not only increase your bottom line, it builds a relationship and trust between you and the guest.  I read a survey that said if a client purchased one product, there was a 30% chance of her return. That number doubled and tripled with each subsequent purchase. The same is true with add-on services. 

I challenge you to look at your service menu and ask yourself what the benefits are of the services you offer. Know the features and benefits for each product (i.e., jojoba oil and macadamia oil to name a few). The next time your guests come for a manicure or pedicure be prepared to offer a solution for improved calluses, cuticles, and/or dry skin.


The owner of Nails Naturally Hand and Foot Spa in Chicago, LaShaun Brown-Glenn is an award-winning nail tech, educator, and author. She offers business strategies, tips, and in-salon trainings through her consulting company, Speaking On Point (


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