Texting Thumbnail Syndrome

by Staff Writer | April 19, 2011

“Although I am using natural colored acrylic, you can do the same procedure with a white tip. I text a lot, and I would say after about three days the corners start to round off (as you can see in the picture). Rather than rounding all of them off to match, I prefer to keep a nice squoval shape.”

1. Remove old polish from the nail and gently file the corner area where you will be rebuilding.

2. Using your acrylic brush, gather a small bead of acrylic and set the bead on the corner of the nail.

3. Flatten it out and gently push toward the free edge of the nail to create the square. Then turn your brush around and swipe gently up toward the center of the nail. This will allow the new acrylic to blend right in with the existing acrylic.

4. Let dry and then gently use your file to smooth out the top and define your shape.   

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