“Those big-box home improvement stores are always showing their customers how to do a project themselves,” says Nanette Miner, co-author of the book, 101 Media and Marketing Tips for Salon Owners, Stylists and Managers. “Choose one day a week or one day a month for a do-it-yourself workshop — facials, manicures, pedicures, makeup application, cut your own bangs — you get the idea. While Saturdays would probably attract the most people, it’s also a busy day at the salon, so think about holding the DIY workshop on a slow day or the evening of a typically slow day.”

While you may fear you’ll lose money by teaching clients to care for their own beauty needs, Miner says no. “It’s statistically proven that the more you give the more you receive. When you offer some services for free, people feel more obligated to do business with you and will also generate positive word of mouth for your salon among their friends.”

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