“All salons, yoga and Pilates studios, spas, gyms, and other companies that provide fitness and wellness services are invited to add their business to MindBody Finder,” said Rick Stollmeyer, founder and CEO of MindBody. “It’s a win-win because not only does it provide consumers with more options, it gives businesses a new revenue stream by allowing customers to instantly find schedule, and pay for their services through Finder Partner websites.  Unlike a traditional search engine that lists URLs for individuals businesses, MindBody Finder displays thousands of fitness classes and wellness appointments that consumers can search and immediately book and pay for online.  The technology allows consumers to find, book, and pay for fitness classes and wellness appointments online or from their mobile devices. So instead of wondering if she can fit in a manicure over her lunch hour, for example, a consumer can go to any Finder interface and find an available nail appointment within the parameters (time range, proximity, service type) that meet her needs.

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