Young Nails Imagination Art Acrylic Powders can be used to create an amazing variety of nail designs. The powders come in four collections of solid colors, plus five collections of glitters, and they handle well so techs can create intricate designs. Imagination Art powders have high durability so enhancements do not chip or break, and Young Nails recommends sealing acrylic designs with Finish Gel sealer.  

1. Start with a nail that already has product on the nail plate applied in the reverse application technique. Apply a form, then apply the first dark blue acrylic bead at the smile line and get the product tucked up into the corners of the smile.

2. Pick up wet beads of colored acrylic and place them on top of each other quickly, allowing the product to run. Finish with the same color bead you started with.

3. Before the product can set up, use the tip of your brush to drag the colors together. It is important to work quickly.

4. Add a little glitter to accent your design.

5. File and shape the nail, and then apply a coat of Finish Gel. Cure for two minutes.

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