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Beauty Tips from Shape

by NLS Staff | January 7, 2010

Shape magazine lists its beauty tips, including this advice about nail care:

7. Stop picking at your cuticles to prevent infections. For clients who can't stop,"swipe lip balm over them to make picking practically impossible," says the mag.

10. Take an occasional break from polishes to keep nails healthy. "Take off your polish for an entire weekend once a month. Whiten the undersides of your tips by swiping each one with a cotton pad soaked with remover," nail expert Shari Gottesman tells Shape readers.

16. Switch from acrylics to gels to keep your nails healthier. Get ready for clients who read this piece of advice: "[Acrylics] can harm your nails and cause fungus to proliferate if they're not applied properly." The mag suggests the Gelife Natural Manicure treatment.

36. Try a dark nail hue. "Green or gray polish is a practically effortless way to keep your look current," according to Shape. Shown here is OPI Nail Lacquer in Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, from the España collection.


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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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