Making a conscious effort to be green is important not only from an environmental point of view but also from a marketing and public relations point of view. “Today’s consumer puts much more value on a company’s green status when making spending decisions,” says Dora Suppes, director of operations for Scalar Creative Group, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based design firm. Suppes recommends making your direct mail campaigns a little greener by following these tips:

> Make sure your direct mail campaign includes a mini website landing page. Landing pages used in a direct mail campaign are set up to capture specific client data. This will allow you to build a database of e-mail addresses that can eventually be used to move away from postcard mailings and toward e-mail marketing campaigns.

> Reduce the size of your postcard, make graphics bigger, and make your message more to the point. Drive potential customers to your landing page where the rest of your message is continued.

> Print on recycled paper — most printers now offer recycled paper stock at a competitive price.

> Use soy-based inks to print your postcards.

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