Greg Salo is one of those people who is always happy. And when I say “happy,” I mean really happy. His smile and laugh are infectious, and his charisma while he’s on the show floor or teaching a class is part of what’s made his company what it is today. There is little in common with the original incarnation of the company — when Greg and his mom, Young Salo, started manufacturing manicure kits for cosmetology schools. Greg learned how to do nails so he could teach people how to use their products properly. Rebranding the company using his mom’s name, Young Nails was born in 1999, offering a complete line of natural and enhancement products for the nail industry. One thing that is still the same — it’s a family affair. Greg’s brother Habib and dad Bishara have joined him and his mom making it a true family affair.

Now it’s Greg’s passion and enthusiasm that make Young Nails the force it is today. “I love working with our educators and distributors,” says Greg. “We have such a close relationship with everyone.” At tradeshows across the country and abroad, Greg and his many devoted educators draw quite a crowd with their fun attitudes and intriguing nail styles. When I asked him where he got the inspiration for this month’s cover nails, he simply told me, “My inspiration comes from my educators.”


Here’s how you can do these nails:

1. Prep nail. Apply two coats of Protein Bond. Apply Artistic Nail Forms to each finger. The tips of the forms should be pinched to a point for the best stiletto shape. Apply a thin layer of Speed Clear flush to the free edge. Tap the product to the point to get it into shape, making sure the side walls are even.


2. Apply a thin layer of Speed Clear to the nail plate. (This will prevent the colored acrylic from staining the nail.) Pinch in the C-curve using the Magic Wand. Remove the form.


3. Apply a thin layer of Rainbow Black from the cuticle to the tip.


4. Apply your petals one at a time with Speed White. Pivot from the center of the petal and press thickness to the outside. This will create a thicker edge on the outside. Add a final pearl to the center. Poke the center of the pearl with the tip of the brush.


5. Using Red Liquid Art drops in your monomer, apply Speed Clear powder over the entire nail. Make sure there is enough product to support the body of the enhancement. Allow the nail to dry and file excess away with your electric file. File and buff with Zebra 150-grit file and 180-grit combo file/buffer.




6. Apply Finish, cure for two minutes and condition with Rose Oil.

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