Having a crisp, deep smile line can set your work apart from other nail techs in your area. It’s one of the easiest ways to advertise yourself as an above-average tech who puts extra effort into her services. CND educator Kimberly Jones, of Patrick’s of Atlanta in Buford, Ga., explains how she gets these great-looking smile lines.

Step 1: Place a medium-wet bead in the middle of Zone 1 (the extension edge of the nail), and make sure not to go beyond the free edge line.

Step 2: Press the bead side to side and start creating your angle; imagine creating a “V”. To help control the brush, balance the pinky of your brush hand onto the pinky of your holding hand. Use small, controlled presses to fill in the smile line and get the corners as high and as pointed as possible.

Step 2a: When pressing the bead into a “V”, make sure you use consistent pressure with your brush so your product is even from side to side.

Step 3: With no monomer on your brush, lightly brush the smile line to clean and refine it, and angle the brush to create a well behind the smile line. With practice and time, you’ll start sharpening and balancing your smile lines.

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