Manicuring — It’s the most basic of all services, but there is always something new you can learn. It’s like using a computer. You understand the basic functions and can get what you need, but there is always a quick shortcut or two that someone can show you along the way. We asked techs to tell us their favorite little tips for this simple service and here’s what they said.


“I use acetone to remove polish and then do a quick swipe of acetone to clean the nail plate before reapplying polish. Acetone cleans and slightly dehydrates the nail plate so polish ends up adhering better.”

Vicki Jones, Staileys Salon, McKinney, Texas


“I have found that filing (especially filing very short) prevents ingrown nails, whereas trimming can sometimes encourage them.

I’ve also discovered that the final forearm and hand massage is what the client is really there for, so I try to work fast so I have more time to massage. I focus especially on the thumb and forearm area because it seems carpal tunnel problems are increasing these days.”

Jill Worswick, Visions Salon, Chico, Calif.


“When I push back cuticles I always make sure to use a good cuticle softener like CND’s Cuticle Remover or Be Natural’s Cuticle Eliminator. And I rarely cut cuticles. If something is hanging loose I will trim but otherwise I avoid it.”

Tanya Sisson, Nail Girl Salon, Aloha, Ore.


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