Want to impress your friends with your great impressions, and no we don’t mean an impersonation, we’re talking nail art here. Loni Jensen Praeto, a Young Nails educator and owner of DaLonnie’s Hair & Nail Studio in Las Vegas, shows how she makes interesting impressions in acrylics using paper clips and other small utensils that can be purchased at local craft stores.

1.  Purchase small metal utensils at a local craft store that will make nice impressions on the nail. Paper clips can be used as well. Try bending them into interesting designs.


2.  Dip impression tools into acrylic powder so the wet acrylic won’t stick to the tool.

3. Apply a layer of pink acrylic, and while it is still wet press the impression tool into the acrylic and remove immediately, leaving an impression.


4. Sculpt the free edge with black acrylic.


5. Press the impression tool into the black acrylic and remove immediately, leaving an impression.


6. Pinch a C-curve into the nail. Apply black acrylic and silver glitter and acrylic to the impressions on the nail.


7. File off the excess acrylic and shape the nail.


8. Apply Finish sealer for a high shine.

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