The EZ Flow Time to Shine Kit offers 12 colors for blending, shading, and shining. These colors work with any liquid monomer. Here’s how to make a tiger design with a leopard print free-edge.


1. Prep the nail and apply a form. Sculpt a thin free edge using Onyx from the Earthstone Colored Powder Collection. While the product is wet, create holes in the free edge.


2. Using your sculpting brush, clean the holes and remove residue from the form.


3. Using Cocktail Time from the Time to Shine Collection, fill the holes while keeping applications thin.


4. Using Sand from the Earthstone Collection, extend the nail bed and fade on the nail plate.


5. Using Breaking the Bank from the Time to Shine Collection, apply thinly at the cuticle and blend into the previous application.


6. Using Onyx or Voodoo, create thin tiger stripes in the nail plate following a random pattern.


7. Cap the nail with Clear Powder; pinch C-curve.


8. File and buff nail; finish with Never Yellow Sealer.


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