All Season Professional Aspire Bonding Acrylic System was inspired by state-of-the-art nanotechnology, which is the science of creating smaller and more durable materials at the atomic level. Aspire Bonding Acrylic Liquid is a non-yellowing, no-lift formula that provides ease of application.

  1. Prep the nails. Apply forms and make sure they fit snugly under the free edge while following the contour of the nail. Pinch the bottom of the form. Use the cutout center circle to hold the form secure. Immerse your brush into the Aspire Bonding Acrylic Liquid. Your ratio should be 2:1. Pick up the first ball of White Aspire Bonding Powder. Use the body of the brush to pat the product and form smile line where the pink of the nail body and the white free edge meet. Apply an additional small white ball to each corner and perfect the smile line.
  2. Pick up a ball of pink Aspire Bonding Powder and apply to half of the nail body behind the smile line. Apply another ball of pink powder behind the second ball near the cuticle area ad up to, but not touching, the skin. Keep the product application thinners as it tapers toward the cuticle.
  3. Take the form and pinch the sides to complete the perfect “C” curve. This must be done before acrylic is completely set. Buff to a high shine.

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