Three beauty industry professionals - a salon owner, a manufacturer, and a school instructor - give us their thoughts on the matter. 



Serenity Springs Salon and Spa,

Colorado Spring, Colo.

Success in any people-oriented business depends on everyone in the workplace being inspired and motivated. People become burned-out and unhappy doing things that used to make them feel fulfilled. For the customer, burnouts is the difference between merely a service and a delightful experience. For the technician, burnout happens when sharing her craft with others turn into a repetitive job. Here are some tools I have found to be successful.

Leading by example. Co-workers and customers will feel and appreciate your outlook. Set a good example and stick to it.

Positive reinforcements. It’s not just recognizing the wrongdoings and errors of others but also recognizing and encouraging a job well done.

Team-building functions. Getting together and sharing to get new and exciting ideas going.



National Sales and Education Director

NSI, West Conshohocken, Pa.

Employee, educators, coworkers, and anyone else involved in the overall success of a business respond more positively to a leader who knows how to mix constructive criticism with constructive encouragement. They are valued and appreciated.

A positive environment, one that promotes creative thinking and encourages problem-solving skills, is the ideal workplace. A manager who can recognize her own shortcomings, seek the collective wisdom of the team, and accentuate the positive will prevail and builds a strong, loyal, and dedicated team.

It sounds like a daunting task, but in fact it is quite simple and boils down to two key words: appreciation and praise.

Everyone, regardless of his or her contribution to the company, responds and is more enthusiastic when appreciated for hard work and effort.



Nail Salon Director and Educator

Color My Nails School of Nail Technology

Midvale, Utah

Motivation is a key to success for students in training. Over the past few years I have enjoyed teaching and have found that some of my best experiences with students have come because of motivation. It does make a difference to them when they feel motivation from their instructors.

Every morning when the students come into the classroom there is fun, excitement, and happy music playing. I have found this helps start the day with a positive “bang.” I truly feel that each student needs at least one motivating, positive experience a day. If the only thing that is accomplished in the day is helping to make a student feel accepted and good about herself, it was a great, successful day.

Motivating comes from within. If you love what you do and express that to others in your actions and comments you’re on the right track.

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