Beauty industry consultant and success coach Bryan Durocher wants to help you meet your potential both personally and professionally. To that end, he offers these top five tips to make a bigger splash with less effort.

1. Take a Time Out. Everyone’s demands on your time will never cease. There will always be a client, employee, or family member who needs something. Make sure to set aside time each week just for you. Put it in your schedule and make it non-negotiable.

2. Create Some Buzz. Does your local media know who you are? Create a press release around something exciting happening in your salon. Perhaps you are doing a charity benefit, or promoting a new makeover idea. You are fabulous — let people know who you are!

3. Retail Like a Pro. Where do you like to shop? Look at how your favorite retailers create their environment and get you to come back time and time again. Don’t reinvent the wheel; take some of their ideas and make them your own. Is your retail area inviting and stimulating to your clients’ five senses, or is it a dust collector that people pass by? Put some time and energy into your highest profit center.

4. Hire Hard So You Can Manage Easy. Are you hiring out of inspiration or desperation? Just filling a slot never works out. A business is only as good as its people. Be tough in your interview process and listen to your intuition. If you are seeing red flags there is a reason. It costs time, effort, and money to train people who are not going to work out. Define your ideal team members traits and stick to them when hiring.

5. Create a VIP Client Program. American Airlines and Barnes & Noble have member programs, so why shouldn’t you? Create a VIP card that clients can purchase annually. Offer special savings on retail and service offerings. Plan a special event night quarterly for your VIP clients only. Offer incentives back to your clients when they purchase a certain amount with your business. These programs create loyalty and cash flow!

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