EZ Flow’s Colored Acrylic collections are universal powders that may be used with all traditional acrylic monomers and may be used to create permanent nail art on fingers and toes. This swirl design is perfect for the New Year festivities and was created using the Gemstones Colored Acrylic Collection.


1. Using Truly White Powder, make a comma at the top of the nail. Using Amethyst, outline the left and right sides of the comma. Using Aqua Marine, outline the right side of the comma. Line the left and right sides with Citron, creating another hook on the right side.


2. Place the form on the nail. Using Truly White, at the left side of the nail, bring the line around the left side of the free edge to the center and hook it toward the left. Create an upside down hook on the right side of the nail using Amethyst. Extend the Amethyst to the left side of the nail and create an upward hook. Using Peridot, outline the inside of the Amethyst halfway and create a hook. On the left side, outline the outside of the Amethyst with Peridot.


3. Once you’ve finished the design, cap the free edge of the nail in clear and fill in the nail plate. Do not forget to pinch the C-curve.


4. File and buff the nail to a high shine and seal with UV 30.

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