Looking to fill those open spots in your appointment book quickly and easily? Invite your clients to sign up for a “Daily Specials” e-mail. Last May, Susie Galvez, owner of FaceWorks Day Spa in Alexandria, Va., began e- mailing clients a list of next-day open appointment times each afternoon, and has enjoyed great success.

“We fill quite a few openings,” she comments. “We have Mikal computer software, and it’s easy to check the next day’s book and create appointments based on our open times.”

Her spa manager assigns treatments to each open slot to keep things fresh and to encourage clients to sample new services. She then breaks out the available appointments in the e-mail by department so that clients can scroll straight to what interests them. For example, on a recent day, clients found the following specials under Nails.

11 45am     Express Manicure

1:30pm       Business Person’s Manicure & Pedicure

3 00pm       Signature Pedicure

3.15pm       Reflexology Pedicure

Automated e-mail distribution lists make sending the e-mail as easy as clicking on a few icons As new clients sign up to receive daily specials, Galvez simply creates additional distribution groups.

“All the e-mails are sent as a blind cc: to ensure that no one else gets your e-mail and floods you with junk,” she comments.

For a personal touch, Galvez usually writes an introductory paragraph tailored to current events “For example, I might write about Valentine’s Day, winter weather; a radio show that I hosted, or anything else coming up.” she says.

Clients who print the e-mail and present it when they check out enjoy a 10% discount.

“Some places discount even more, but discounting is a dangerous game,” Galvez observes.”I don’t want to give our services away. However, 10% is fine cost-wise, and it’s just enough to tempt people.”

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