Like many day spa owners, Tamara Friedman shied away from traditional acrylic systems due to the odor. “It someone comes in for a relaxing pedicure you can’t have strong smells coming from the nail area,” says Friedman who owns Tamara Institute de Beauté in Farmington Hills, Mich. When Friedman created the full-service salon/day spa 17 years age, she vowed to accommodate all the needs of her customers. But as acrylics gained popularly she opted to the service because of the smells, and for nearly two decades her nail technicians were limited to manicures, wraps and linen tips. Because she objected to using acrylic because of its odor, Friedman felt that she was not able to offer her clients contemporary and competitive nail services.

Then Friedman discovered Start Nail Products Ultimate Lyte odor-free acrylic system at the Midwest Beauty Show last spring, “My busiest manicurist tested it and was very enthusiastic,” said Friedman who soon enlisted an educator from. Star to train all her technicians in the light-cured liquid and powder system. Friedman reports that all seven of her nail technicians now use the new system and many of her regular clients are hooked on acrylics. “My customers’ nails look fresh all the time now and there are no more touch-ups to deal with,” says Friedman. “You can walk into the spa’s busy nail room and nothing—no smell at all. I love it.”

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