How to get a man is a question that has weighed heavily on the minds of women since the beginning of time. On this great mystery of life, NAILS has no advice. When it comes to luring men into the salon, however, we got some great ideas from the folks at Orly International. This month we offer Orly’s Top 10 Ways to Get Guys Into the Salon.

1.   Emphasize the relaxation and pampering aspects of the services you offer. Most men believe they are adequately skilled to clip their nails and shave themselves. You need to entice them with a soothing band and foot massage, a rejuvenating skin care treatment, or a manicure that will make them feel like a million bucks.

2.  Each of your female clients has a brother, husband, boss, or boyfriend she might be willing to share with you. Let her know that you’re expanding your services for men and offer her a discount in exchange for referrals. Or give her half-off coupons for first-time customers that she can distribute to the men in her life.

3.  One of the best places to find men interested in looking and feeling great is at the health club. See if you can work out a cross-promotion with a local gym, or offer the club manager discounted services in exchange for access to the club’s members.

4. Professional associations are a good source of clients. Executives do a lot of handshaking and know the importance of good grooming.

5.  For those executives who claim to be too busy, or feel uncomfortable in the salon environment, why not make an office visit? (First make sure this is legal in your state.) Sell your services as an oasis of calm in the middle of a hectic day.

6.  Keep track of clients’ anniversaries and encourage a new king of togetherness with a two-for-one anniversary special. It’s a great way to introduce a wary spouse to the wonders of a salon service.

7.   If you salon does hair, you’re a step ahead. Be sure hairstylists are trained to spot nail biters, torn cuticles, skin problems, and those in need of pampering. Make sure they are referred to the appropriate personnel.

8.  Advertise a skin care treatment for the frequently shaved face (just don’t call it a facial). Let5 it be known that you can improve the look and feel of skin and teach shavers how to reduce common irritation.

9.  Gear your retail to one-stop-shopping packages for male clientele. Offer a shaving kit with all the requisite equipment and suppliers neatly bundled. Or how about a shower kit that packages shampoo, conditioner, and a styling product together with a comb and brush?

10. Start preparing for Father’s Day in early May. Let all your clients know that gift certificates are available to introduce the special men in their lives to the niceties they enjoy year-round.

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