Al and Jan Studesville, owners of Just Nails in Madison, Wis., know the benefits of providing services that keep clients’ needs foremost. They use a client feedback form to help them monitor the quality of their salon and its services.

“The form has been very beneficial,” says Jan. “We’re completely computerized, so once every two weeks I run a list of mailing labels of all first-visit customers and I send out one of the forms to each. I’ve been doing this for 18 months and some forms have come back with very good suggestions.” Jan holds monthly staff meetings at which the salon’s staff goes over the forms and talks about the suggestions and how to implement them. The system also helps the salon spot problems and remedy them. “We ask ourselves how we can fix the situation,” says Jan. One client simply wanted softer, more relaxing music and cited Kenny G. as a possibility. One said she had enjoyed all the knowledge that had been shared about nails during the service. Another commented that the nail technician who had serviced her had been wearing a sweatsuit, attire the client felt was inappropriate.

“The survey has helped us know what our clients are like, spot problems and fix them, and reinforce some of the things we always felt were important to clients,” Jan adds.

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