Advertising can easily become an enigma. It is often rushed into and rarely understood; yet a clear, sustained and effective approach is crucial to any business.

It is in essence, selling . . . selling services, as in the case of the nail and beauty salon, or selling products through print and other com­munication media. If it doesn't sell, it does little else.

Such is the direction of an excellent article in this issue, authored by Paul Pogue and taken in-part from his book "Start and Run a Profitable Beauty Salon."

Drawing from his years of success as salon and beauty school owner, Mr. Pogue pieces together an insightful discussion of advertising from the basics of what it is, to the specifics of how to use it.

One of his key points is this: "You are in a business created by one of the strongest human desires — the female desire for beauty. Quite obviously then everything you do in advertising should be in harmony with this natural desire. It should reflect in some way the image and promise of beauty."

Our key point is this: Advertising is more than just handing out business cards . . . it should be understood and used to its fullest extent wisely and effectively. It is our hope that Mr. Pogue's discussion will provide the kind of insight necessary to help fine-tune your under­standing and advertising projects . . . and to help alleviate some of its mystery.

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