Orly International, Inc. announces the single most important new product entry in its history! Lilage, with Natural Pearl Xcellence (NPX), a new line of nail polish launched in January 1983, represents the latest in advanced formula and fashion color.

Frank Caldwell, Orly vice president of sales, states, “NPX is big news for nail polish customers, combining the twin strengths of acrylics and natural pearl. The new advanced formula, with the NPX addition, offers the strongest durability now available on today’s market.”

The contemporary nail polish consumer primarily shops for color and wearability Lilage’s hot fashion colors, based on market research, are in vogue with today’s fashion-conscious consumer who seeks the professional nail technician for services.

Lilage falls in the “popular price range ($2 suggested retail) and its ¼ oz. size will make for frequent repurchase,” said Caldwell.

Available in 40 shades, Lilage will be merchandised in beautiful lucite display racks comparable to those seen in fine department stores. 

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