What’s your best advice for mobile techs on how to pack and travel with your nail polishes?

January 03, 2012

What’s your best advice for mobile techs on how to pack and travel with your nail polishes? And how do you decide what colors to bring?


<p>Amber Perez</p>For traveling, we store polish in a zipped bag with our logo to keep it professional looking. Or, if we’re short on logo bags, we use a plastic container with a lid. My best advice on traveling with polish is to always double-check after each party that each polish top is screwed on tightly before packing it away. Often during events, guests try on polishes and do not always put the tops back on tight enough. (We have learned this the hard way.) As far as deciding what colors to bring, keep it seasonal with a few off-season choices and/or cater to your crowd. If we are doing a children’s or teen event, for example, we pack the brights and sparkles.  

— Amber Perez is director of Spa Events NY (


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