You Might Be a Nail Geek If...

by Holly Schippers | July 20, 2011

Nail professionals tend to be either treading water holding down a job, or constantly swimming upstream looking for new challenges to keep the passion for a career they love burning brightly. I like to think of myself as a true Nail Geek and love being surrounded by others of the same frame of mind, whether in person or online. Sometimes my “nail friends” get things that no one else would and that makes my heart sing! How about if we take a fun reflective look at ourselves and have a good chuckle at some things only fellow nail geeks would understand! Please leave a comment finishing the following sentence as many times as you like: You might be a Nail Geek if......

Here are my contributions:

You might be a Nail Geek if you look at vehicles sparkling in the sun and wonder if you can get that color in polish.

You might be a Nail Geek if you know who Doug Schoon is and think he’s the smartest guy ever.

You might be a Nail Geek if you’ve tripped over your own feet more than once admiring your Rockstar Toes.

You might be a Nail Geek if your salon space is cleaner than your house.

— Holly

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