Are Nail Salons on Pinterest?

by Holly Schippers | February 16, 2012

How many of you have discovered Pinterest? I have had lots of people telling me about it for what seems like months and recently find myself bombarded with requests to put some of my work up. Since Pinterest does not allow “pinning” from Facebook photos I set up a Photobucket album with some of my work in it. The link for those of you that would like to “pin” anything is

I have also given in to peer pressure and set up my own Pinterest account as well. (Editor’s note: NAILS just set up our own Pinterest too. Although we’re not positive yet how we plan on using it…we’ve at least started “pinning” some items on our boards. Feel free to follow us. And we'll keep you updated on what else we find out about the very popular new social media bookmarking site.)

How are you using Pinterest in relation to the salon? Do you post salon photos? Do you use it for inspiration? I would like to know more about it as a salon resource and what it is all of you are doing on there for hours!

— Holly

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