January seems like a good time to make predictions. Of course this isn’t National Enquirer and I’m not Jeanne Dixon, but I’m getting a vision of what is in store for nail technicians. I have five ‘predictions’ about how you can benefit from the change.

Prediction: Your customer will become more demanding. Give her whatever she wants. Today’s customer has learned to expect fast yet flawless service from every business she deals with: from pizza delivery in 30 minutes to photo development in an hour. The phrase ‘Guaranteed or your money back’ has replaced ‘Have a nice day’ from business owners.

Prediction: You aren’t the only nail expert anymore; know everything your clients know about nails (and be prepared to combat what they know that’s not true).

Prediction: Low-cost salons are here to stay and many of them are going to improve their services. Stop worrying about low-cost competitors and add value to the services you offer and work on building client loyalty.

Prediction: You’re being watched. The IRS is paying a lot of attention to the beauty industry. Follow the rules and run your business by the books.

If you are at all unsure about whether you or your staff are correctly classified as independent contractors or employees, get in touch with a specialist today and make sure you’re in the right. You can call NAILS contributor and industry consultant Ken Cassidy if you have booth rental concerns. He is happy to take calls at (562)432-4462.

Prediction: Good nail technicians will continue to be in high demand and staff turnover will continue to plague salon owners everywhere. If you’re an owner, you must realize that you will achieve your goals if you help your staff achieve theirs. If you are an employee or booth renter, the same idea applies to you: Help the owner achieve her goals and you can achieve yours too.


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