Why does my black enhancement gel crumble away after a full cure?

June 11, 2012

I’ve been having an issue using black gel (enhancement gel, not polish). I have tried several brands. I’ve done thin layers and thick layers. Sometimes it crumbles away after a full cure, at two minutes a layer. What am I doing wrong?


Sounds like your application might be too thick per layer, so it does not allow enough light through to cure the gel well enough. Therefore it “crumbles” because it isn’t cured enough to begin with. I suggest applying black gels in three thin layers. Cure each thin layer of black for at least a minute in a 36-watt lamp. By the third coat it’s going to look awesome and really black. You shouldn’t have problems after that. Also shaking or stirring the gels will help the pigment not settle, again helping the curing process.    
— Amanda Dodge is an educator for Young Nails.

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