LED lamp efficacy across gel brands

December 19, 2011

Will the new LED lamps work with regular UV gels such as IBD, CND, or Star Nail, or does it only cure hybrid gels such as Gelish, Shellac, Gellac and other soak-off gels?


There are a wide variety of UV LED lights on the market at the moment and the differences between each of these lights is significant. This great variety of UV LED’s makes it impossible to answer this question adequately, but the fastest and most secure answer is that they will not cure all of the soft and hard gels on the market. Each manufacturer sells a light unit and a gel for that light unit. It is best advised that at this time, please use the light that is recommended for that gel. You can always call the gel manufacturer to ask if their gel will cure in a specific UV LED light. They may have already tested their gel with that specific light and be able to give you a suitable answer. 

— Jim McConnell is the president of Light Elegance.

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