How can I convert my existing client base into regular gel-polish clients?

October 25, 2011

How can I convert my existing client base into regular gel-polish clients?


I offer gel-polish to my acrylic clients at the same cost as their acrylic fill and I promise them if they hate it, I will change them back to the acrylics within seven days at no charge. That way there is no pressure. For my clients who are getting natural manicures, I offer them the gel polish upgrade free the first time. Doing it that one time is not really a loss in income because most of them fall in love and want to continue doing it at the $10 add-on price. Those who don’t like it so much don’t lose any money getting it done.
It’s enticing to get something complimentary at your appointments. And when we let them know how excited we are about the product, they get on board pretty fast.

— Peggy Prouty is the owner of Nails by Peggy in Boulder, Colo.

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