I need help selecting a good UV light. What should I look for? Is price a good indicator?

April 19, 2011

I need help selecting a good UV light. What should I look for? Is price a good indicator?


If you are a nail technician looking for a good UV light right now, that is both an easy and a difficult thing to do. First, there are many good quality UV lights on the market. Perhaps the better search should be for a good UV light with a great warranty. Each company will warranty different things on the light and for differing amounts of time. Perhaps a light made in the U.S.A. is important to you. If it is, then look for one that satisfies this requirement. Lights are just as personal as gels — find one that you believe in and one that the company will repair or replace for you if needed.

Second, what gel are you trying to cure? It is always strongly suggested that you use the light that your gel manufacturer sells. They will support you if they know you bought from them. You will find that some lights on the market will cure more than one brand of gel. If this is the case, find the light that has a good warranty and will cure more than one selection of gels and purchase this light. If your gel requires the use of an LED UV light, then use the one the manufacturer suggests.

Third, find a light that fits on your table. Many nail tables are small and will not accommodate a large light unit. There are many UV lights on the market. This was not the case 10 years ago, so shop and search for the right light for you, your work space, and your gel. An expensive light is not always the right light for you. Sometimes the more expensive the light, the better the bulbs that are used in the light. Sometimes, a light is just more expensive.    

 — Jim McConnell is president of Light Elegance.

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