How do I properly apply gel sealer?

October 05, 2006

How do I properly apply gel sealer (in detail, please)?


The most important thing when applying gel sealer is to ensure the nail is free of dust. If dust is present, it can cause pitting when cured. It is best to apply sealer to four nails on one hand then while it’s curing, apply the sealer to the opposite hand and allow it to cure. Then do the thumbs together. If all 10 are applied at the same time, gravity will do its job and cause the sealer to be uneven.

Another cause for pitting is applying the sealer too thin. When gel cures, it shrinks; therefore, if the application is too thin, it will leave pits. The best way to apply gel sealer is to apply it like polish or top coat, ensuring it is distributed evenly, remembering to cap the free edge and lower arches. — MaeLing Parrish is an international master artist educator for EZ Flow Nail Systems.

How can I prevent lifting when my client's hands are constantly in water?

I have a client who is in the medical field so her hands are constantly in water. She has me keep the length of her acrylic nails short. No matter what I do, she always has at least one nail that comes off, and she always has lifting and gets water under the acrylic. I prep the nails correctly, I have a cuticle bit to clean the cuticle area, and I wipe the nail with alcohol, dehydrate the nail, and prime the nail. What should I do?

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