Is it OK to file a callus all the way down, or should I leave some?

October 14, 2005

Is it OK to file a callus all the way down, or should I leave some?


In my podiatric office, I file most of the callus off, but I find in the summer, some thickness on the bottom of the foot is needed to wear open-toed shoes. Calluses develop from the friction of walking. They are for protection. However, when there is too much callus, it can act as an irritant and cause an ulcer (sore) to form underneath, especially in people with diabetes or other circulation problems. So, in the summer, take less off the callus and allow some to remain for the body’s natural protection. In the winter, when socks and shoes are worn, you can take off more. -- Dr. Johanna Youner

How can I prevent lifting when my client's hands are constantly in water?

I have a client who is in the medical field so her hands are constantly in water. She has me keep the length of her acrylic nails short. No matter what I do, she always has at least one nail that comes off, and she always has lifting and gets water under the acrylic. I prep the nails correctly, I have a cuticle bit to clean the cuticle area, and I wipe the nail with alcohol, dehydrate the nail, and prime the nail. What should I do?

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