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1.       Start with two coats of Extreme French white and cure each coat for 50 seconds. 

2.       Use a fine tip art brush with midnight black and lightly draw the outline of the lips. Flash cure for 10 seconds. Add the vampire “fangs” and the tiny little teeth around them. Flash cure for 10 seconds to lock in place. 

3.       Then add the vertical stripes with midnight black with a fine tip brush for the background.

4.       Color in the lips and add little drops of blood with Gel II Sunset Cruise. 

5.       Finish with two coats of No-cleanse Top Coat, curing each layer for 50 seconds. 




1.       Paint Gel II Midnight Black on the top part of the nail and French White on the bottom half.  

2.       Use an ombre brush and blend the two colors together lightly. Cure for 50 seconds. (I purposely left it streaky for the purpose of the mummy design.)

3.       Make the mummy’s eyes by using a dotting tool with Gel II Extreme White. Cure for 50 seconds. 

4.       Make fine lines in a random cross-cross pattern for the rest of the mummy with Gel II Midnight Black and a micro liner brush. Cure for 50 seconds.

5.       Finally, add a black dot in the center of the eyes and use Gel II Hard Rock to make a red dot in the middle. Cure for 50 seconds. 

6.       Finish with Gel II No-cleanse Top Coat and cure 50 seconds. 


Nail art designs by: 

Carla Kamin
Nail Technician/Gel II Educator

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