Spooky (but cute) Mummy and Vampire Nail Art for Halloween

Learn how to create spooky, cute and quick nail art for your clients during the Halloween season in these step-by-step style guides. Featuring lips with vampire teeth and mummy nail art by Gel II nail tech and educator Carla Kamin.

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Valentine's Day Nail Art Style Guide: Caged Love and Love-Tac-Toe

Try out some fun and easy designs to give your clients something festive for the season of love! 

Moroccan Mani How-To

Learn how to create this Moroccan-style nail design.

Young Nails Nail School: Proper Acrylic Marbleizing

Young Nails president Greg Salo demonstrates how to create an acrylic marble effect on a nail without the colors running together and looking like mud.

Ugly Sweater Party Nail Art

Hiroko Fujikawa of MARS The Salon lays out how to create holiday nail art that will keep your clients cozy!

How to Easily Create Chrome Nail Art

Sticky stencils may help you take your chrome nail services to the next level of artistry.

How to Stamp Nail Art with Purjoi Nail Studio Jumbo Clear Stamper

This video by Purjoi Nail Studio demonstrates how to apply stamp nail art using the brand’s Clear Nail Art Stamper.

How-To: Adding Glitter, Additives to Nail Polish

Holly demonstrates how to add glitter and additives over Vinylux.

Ocean Nails Inspired by the Caribbean

Nail Art Made Easy: How to Do Nail Art, Even If You’re Not an Artist

You don’t have to be the next Van Gogh to create nail art your clients will love. Six techs give you step-by-step instructions for creating ultra-simple nail art - using just polish, a simple brush, and paint.