Do You Really Know What the Eponychium Is?

Watch this video to find out if what you know about nail anatomy is accurate.

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See the Faces Behind the Online Handles at 2016 Nailtech Networking Event

It all started 17 years ago when Debbie Doerrlamm wanted her Nailtech chat room to "come alive." The event has really grown over the years, and NAILS is proud to own the event and carry on the fun traditions.

Know the Difference Between the Cuticle, Eponychium, and Pterygium

In this episode of Face to Face, Doug Schoon explains the real difference between the cuticle, eponychium, and pterygium.

Damage to the Nail Plate is Not Caused by Products

For far too long products have been the scape goat for what is actually lack of education or care on the part of the nail professional.

How to Handle the UV Lamp Controversy

Here is what you can say to ease client concerns about UV lamps.

First Look: Doug Schoon's Newest Book for Nail Techs

Read an excerpt from the industry scientist’s newest book.

Doug Schoon to Release New Book

Industry scientist Doug Schoon is in the early edit stages of his new book.

Doug Schoon on the Ingredient TPHP

A new study says TPHP is a toxic chemical found that can be in nail polish. Holly turns to industry Doug Schoon for facts.

Continuing Education: The Science Side of Nails

Holly discusses an affordable and convenient way to continue your education.

Healthy Living: Allergies

As a nail tech, you may have at one time suffered from product-related allergies. From itchy, dry cuticles, to burning skin and eczema, symptoms caused by allergies to common ingredients can range from mild to severe. Learn to spot these aggravating symptoms and treat them accordingly.