How do I get the acrylic or gel to stick to pre-designed nail tips with art?

August 19, 2009

I have decided to try pre-designed nail tips with art, but I am having trouble getting the acrylic or gel to stick to them. After a few days the product lifts off the tips. I tried to gently file the surface of the tip first, but then it takes the design off.


The problem with gels and acrylics is they don’t like to stick to shiny smooth surfaces. So when you work with a pre-designed tip, try using a rougher buffer, because a file will scratch the design. Then I like to use Young Nails’ Protein Bond on the natural nail and over the tip as well. This helps keep the tip stuck to the nail and helps the gel and acrylic adhere. — Tracey Reierson is a Young Nails senior mentor.


As a Tech, How Do I Keep My Own Nails Intact?

I’m in a small but busy salon. I struggle to do my own nails and to keep them looking nice — they always get filed, soaked, and scuffed. Any advice on what to use? I do acrylics, gels, and Shellac.


Do I Need a Fitting Room in My Salon?

If I want to add clothing to the retail section in my salon, do I need to add a fitting room too? If so, do you have any solutions that don’t require me to add an actual wall?


How Do I Learn Nail Art If No One Is Available to Teach Me?

I am an apprentice in a natural nail salon. Sometimes I get requests for nail art. I would love to learn how to do different nail designs, but I am a beginner. I live in Virginia and there are never nail seminars or lectures or even hands-on classes here. Do you have any suggestions on learning nail art designs when there is no one in my area to teach it? Watching videos is good but sometimes you just need hands-on.

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