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Branded Manis: Signature Services with Complete Hand Care Lines

A great signature manicure always starts with top-notch ingredients and a good idea. Themed hand care collections are always a great choice, so why not take inspiration from some of the industry’s top manufacturers. Read on to discover some new signature services created by a variety of companies using their own hand care lines.

Nouveau Nail Tropical Escape Manicure

Price: $30

• Tropical Twist Natural Nail Collection
• Relax Sea Salt Soak
• Remove Scrub Gel
• Refresh Exfoliating Crème
• Rejuvenate Crème Masque
• Renew Hydrating Lotion

The Tropical Escape Manicure uses a five-piece natural nail care set from Nouveau Nail that can also be used for pedicures. The recommended time length for this service is 45 minutes.

1. Start the service with a gentle shoulder massage to help the client relax. Exfoliate the client’s arm up to the elbow with Refresh Exfoliating Crème with Eucalyptus and Peppermint to remove dead cells and soothe the new skin.

2. Remove the crème with a warm towel and apply Rejuvenate Crème Masque with Cocoa and Shea Butter. Wrap the client’s arms with plastic wrap for maximum moisture absorption. File nails to your client’s desired length and shape. Soak her fingers in a warm Relax Sea Salt Soak with essential oils. Gently push back each cuticle with an orangewood stick and remove fraying cuticles with a metal implement.

3. Discard the plastic wrap and remove remaining Crème Masque with a warm towel and pat dry. Slowly massage the hands and arms with Renew Hydrating Lotion with avocado and grapeseed oil for supple skin. Next, cleanse the nail plates and apply base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat. End the service with a gentle shoulder massage.


CND Tangerine Tango Manicure

Price: $25 - $35

• Scentsations Tangerine & Lemongrass Lotion
• CuticleAway
• Cuticle Eraser
• SolarOil
• Citrus Smoothing Crème
• Citrus Hydrating Lotion
• Citrus Milk Bath
• Citrus Moisture Scrub
• Citrus Illuminating Masque

CND’s Tangerine Tango Manicure uses tangerine and citrus-infused products to help skin feel softer, smoother, and younger. The nourishing lotions and milk bath pamper the skin while the masque works to replenish lost moisture.

1. Begin with a hand wash using Scentsations Tangerine & Lemongrass Lotion and warm water. Remove nail color. Pour Citrus Milk Bath into a small bowl and soak fully immersed fingertips for three to five minutes. If nails are thin and flexible, trim length and shape prior to placing the hands into the bath. After soaking, pour in an equal amount of warm water to create a conditioning milky solution. Have the client swirl her fingers to mix.

2. Remove one hand from the bath and dry. Trim and shape nails. Apply a pearl-sized drop of CuticleAway around the cuticle area of each nail. Gently lift and loosen any cuticle with a cuticle pusher. Use a manicure nipper to carefully remove any loosened cuticle tissue, dead skin, or hangnails. Cleanse the skin with liquid soap and warm water to neutralize and remove all CuticleAway.

3. Squeeze a pearl-sized drop of Cuticle Eraser onto each eponychium and thoroughly rub into the skin. Without removing the Cuticle Eraser, apply a drop of SolarOil to the base of the nail plate and surrounding tissue. Massage thoroughly into nails and skin, and leave on nails. For one to two minutes, gently massage a scoop of Citrus Moisture Scrub onto the hand. Rinse with water from the bowl and remove scrub with a moist sponge. Dry with a clean towel and wrap to keep warm. Repeat the exfoliation steps on the other hand.

4. Massage Citrus Illuminating Masque onto both hands. Optionally, you can pre-warm the mask in a small container with warm water. Wrap both hands in clean towels and allow the masque to penetrate for three to five minutes, or insert wrapped hands into heated mitts. Remove hands from the towel and wipe away excess masque with a moist sponge. Dry with a towel.

5. Warm Scentsations Tangerine & Lemongrass Lotion between your palms to thoroughly massage the hands and arms up to the elbow. Wipe hands and arms with a clean towel and apply Citrus Soothing Crème to dry patches. Finish with base coat, color, and top coat.


Young Nails Lomasi Mango Coconut Manicure

Price: $35

• Lomasi Moisturizing Antiseptic Spray
• Lomasi Mango Coconut Scrub
• Lomasi Mango Coconut Lotion or Crème
• Rose Cuticle Oil
• Swipe

Courtesy of Young Nails, the Mango Coconut Manicure uses products from the Lomasi collection to help quench skin in need of serious moisture. The mango works to soothe dry skin while the coconut oil refreshes hands and moisturizes quickly.

1. Begin by sanitizing the client’s hands with a spritz of Lomasi Moisturizing Antiseptic Spray. Apply cuticle softener on each finger and gently push back cuticles with an orangewood stick or a metal implement. Use cuticle nippers to remove any excess skin or hangnails, if necessary.

2. Massage hands with Lomasi’s Mango Coconut creamy sugar-based scrub to gently exfoliate the client’s skin. Rinse the client’s hands or use a warm wet towel to remove the scrub and cuticle softener. Apply Rose Oil onto each cuticle and massage in.

3. Apply Mango Coconut Lotion or Mango Coconut Crème on hands and place in a hand warmer for about five minutes. Once hands are warmed, massage the lotion or crème into the skin. Next, shape and buff the nails. Before applying color, clean the nail plate with Swipe to help polish adhere. Finish up the service with base coat, two coats of lacquer, and a top coat.


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