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Does nail discoloration indicate there is still fungus present?

I have a client with very poor circulation, and therefore, very cold hands, making it difficult to keep her silk overlays from lifting.

As my nail grows out, it doesn't seem to be re-attaching? Is it permanently damaged?

I have a client with strong nails but she develops white blis­ters on them. When they grow out to the nail edge, they peel and the nail breaks. What i

A client's nail is bleeding under her gel application. Should I be worried?

Reader to Reader: How do you store your files?

Will a nail grow back after being clipped at the lunula?

I have a male client in his 70s with nails that turn white then peel off.

What can be done about skin that grows up on the underside of the free edge?

A sore under a nail seems infected, but it's been "diagnosed" as a fungus infection.

What is causing client's nail pitting?

A male client has white lines down is nails, which are also arching. Could dehydration be the cause?

I have noticed some of my older clients have white marks close to the free edges of their nails. Am I causing this?

I have a client whose nails are suddenly grooved.

How does a nail affected with onycholysis become reattached?

I have ridges and splitting on the ends of my nails. It’s as if my nails are shredding along the edges. Is something lacking in my system?

Sometimes I see white spots that get worse and spread all over the nail and to other nails. They cause peeling and in severe cases the nail crumbles a

Is it true that when you remove calluses with a razor, they come back harder?

Could nail biting be causing a fungal infection?

Do ridges, splitting, and shredding at the end of the nails indicate a physiological problem?

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