Consider This System If You're Looking to Speed Up Your Service Times
Consider This System If You're Looking to Speed Up Your Service Times

Efficiency in the salon can make a real difference in what you earn in a day. You want to ensure you’re making the most of your time by seeing as many clients as possible and the right products can help you achieve just that. CND™ has formulated a gel enhancement system for the everyday nail issues that often plague clients, such as cracks or breaks, while offering a solution to the time-consuming service of gel enhancements currently on the market.

This January, CND™ launches CND PLEXIGEL™, an innovative gel enhancement solution for Nail Professionals looking for a faster and simpler alternative to traditional enhancement systems. CND PLEXIGEL™ offers a versatile and convenient brush-in-a-bottle gel nail enhancement system that provides up to three weeks of strength, length, and shape. The CND PLEXIGEL™ technology provides quality and long-lasting enhancements, and its crystal-clear finish makes it the ultimate in versatility.

“CND PLEXIGEL™ serves as go-to repair kit to satisfy every clients’ need with versatility and convenience. Nail Professionals now have a product that allows them to fill a crack, fix a break, shape the shapeless and transform even the most hopeless nail with ease and simplicity,” says CND Co-founder Jan Arnold.


There are plenty of barriers to traditional nail enhancements for both the nail professional and the client. Often, these systems are difficult for professionals to learn, with too many steps and products, making them time-consuming and inefficient. In addition to traditional enhancement systems such as CND RETENTION+™ Liquid & Powder for soft, weak nails, and CND BRISA™ GEL for hard, brittle nails, CND PLEXIGEL™ offers a modern option for the nail professional.  With CND PLEXIGEL™ you’ll be able to fill, fix, shape and build nails while protecting the natural nail integrity underneath. Gone are the days of filing down the rest of the set to match a broken nail or replacing the whole set altogether.

The four elements of CND PLEXIGEL™, along with custom brushes created based on the viscosity and workability of each product, combine to create the same durability as other gel enhancements but with fewer steps, fewer products, and in a fraction of the time. With these four products, the possibilities are endless, and include – but are certainly not limited to – filling in cracked nails, repairing broken nails, plumping and shaping flat nails, and of course, adding and customizing the length of just one or all nails.

CND PLEXIGEL™ is perfect for the painter who is looking to add light enhancement services to their portfolio, the go-getter nail professional who is seeking speed and convenience, as well as the artisan who loves nail art and creativity.

“We saw the need for a system that allows the Nail Pro to adopt sculpting in a hygienic, faster and more convenient way. CND PLEXIGEL™ is a builder-in-a-bottle, which removes the additional components that can make sculpting a complicated process. The use of CND PLEXIGEL™ streamlines, simplifies, and brings forward a controllable, versatile, and convenient method of application for the Pro,” says Arnold.


CND PLEXIGEL™ includes four products, each in its own bottle so you’re able to service clients without pots, tubes, or mixing.

1. CND PLEXIGEL™™️ Bonder This is the bonding agent that anchors the gel to the natural nail for lift-free adhesion. After you prepare the natural nail with a dry manicure and gently remove shine, apply a thin layer of Bonder and cure for 10 seconds in the CND™ LED Lamp. Bonder is the first step to the CND™ PLEXIGEL system.

2. CND PLEXIGEL™ Shaper: The crystal-clear brush-on gel provides strength, protection and shape, and is perfect to repair a cracked nail or broken free edge. Apply two layers, and cure each for 60 seconds in the CND™ LED Lamp. Shaper can also be used with a form to sculpt shorter nail lengths.

3. CND PLEXIGEL™ Builder: The clear brush-on gel is used for additional structure and length on a natural nail and would be used instead of CND PLEXIGEL™ Shaper. The secret of CND PLEXIGEL™ Builder is a thicker viscosity that allows for more buildability and a self-smoothing formula so you have less filling. Apply with sculpting form, such as CND®️ Future Form, and apply a layer of Builder to create the desired length. Flash cure for 10 seconds, remove the form, and then cure for 60 seconds. Apply two layers of builder to create customize length and shape, curing each layer for 60 seconds. Tip: For clients with heat sensitivity, apply a thin layer of CND PLEXIGEL™ Shaper to the natural nail and cure for 60 seconds before applying CND PLEXIGEL™ Builder.

4. CND PLEXIGEL™ Protector: This finishing touch is a high-gloss, non-yellowing, protective top coat designed specifically to provide shine and protection for the enhancement.

Rebalancing: Rebalancing is fast and easy with CND PLEXIGEL™. Both CND PLEXIGEL™ Shaper and CND PLEXIGEL™ Builder can be rebalanced or removed when the nail grows out.

If your client’s Shaper set needs more strength, you can rebalance with Builder. If your client’s Builder held up nicely, you can rebalance the set with Shaper. Both products have great cohesion with each other.

After you perform a dry manicure, reduce the enhancement so that it is flush with the natural nail before you apply Bonder and then Shaper or Builder again.

Removal: For fast, efficient and damage-free removal, reduce 95% of the enhancement with an E-File. Wrap the nails with CND™ Foil Remover Wraps or foil and cotton, saturated with CND OFFLY FAST™ Moisturizing Remover. After 20-30 minutes remove the wrap and buff off any remaining product careful to avoid the natural nail. Make sure to apply cuticle oil to condition the skin and nail. Tip: This is only recommended for clients who no longer wish to wear CND PLEXIGEL™.

Whatever your client’s needs, CND PLEXIGEL™ can provide you with an elegant solution that takes a fraction of time. CND PLEXIGEL™ is compatible with CND™ SHELLAC™ so clients will be thrilled with their enhanced manicure every time they leave the salon. 

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