Artistic Nail Design has introduced four new products. 

As nail art add-ons continue to be a great way for nail technicians to take their manicure services to the next level, two of these new products cater to this.

New from Artistic Nail Design
New from Artistic Nail Design

Colour Bloom

With Colour Bloom, marbling and watercolor nail art is no longer complicated to achieve. This LED cured gel product disperses gel polish to create colourful, instant and never-before-acheiveable watercolour looks. Simply apply Colour Bloom, then create your chosen nail art with Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Polish and watch the marbling magic happen.

LED Dip Ombre Gel Coat

LED Dip Ombre Gel Coat makes time-consuming dip ombre applications a thing of the past. LED Dip Ombre creates revolutionary coat that dip powder adheres to making it easy to get a gorgeous look in just a few quick steps. Use this product in conjunction with Artistic’s range of Perfect Dip shades and the ombre possibilities are endless. 

Both Colour Bloom and Ombre Gel Coat will be available in January 2022 at select distributors worldwide. 

New from Artistic Nail Design
New from Artistic Nail Design

Chrome Pens

Chrome Pens are the easiest and fastest way to achieve an out-of-this-world chrome finish to a gel manicure. Chrome Pens come in a range of six multidimensional shades in finishes of holographic, mirror and pearl. The Chrome Pens offer a reflective chrome finish that cannot be replicated with standard gel polish or lacquer applications. 

Artistic Chrome Pens and new Chrome Gloss Coat work together like magic. The Chrome Pens are packaged in easy-to-use, rub-on pens, which means that applying a chrome nail look takes only seconds. Chrome Pens must be used with Chrome Gloss for the product to apply and wear as expected. To use, finish your gel polish with Chrome Gloss, cure for 60 seconds, apply Chrome Pen color of choice, and complete the look with one more coat of Chrome Gloss curing for 60 seconds. 

Chrome Pens are available in six shades: 

  • Holographic Gold
  • Holographic Silver
  • Ultra-Violet Chameleon
  • Crimson Chameleon
  • Magenta Mirror Chrome
  • Pink Opal

Purchase Chrome Pens at distributors worldwide now.

New from Artistic Nail Design
New from Artistic Nail Design

Gel On Xtensions Soft Gel Nail Tips

Gel On Xtensions Soft Gel Nail Tips are a fast enhancement, giving clients a full set of perfect nails in 20 minutes or less that will wear for 21 days.

Gel On Xtensions Soft Gel Nail Tips are full-coverage tips designed to give every client a flawless shape from cuticle to free edge. They are made with unique gel polymers that provide the ultimate flexibility and durability. Soft Gel Tips are incredibly light and were created to be break-resistant from arch to free edge. They have an ultra-thin cuticle area and move with the nail creating a fit that will beat out ABS plastic nail tips every time.

The Soft Gel Nail Tips are used in conjunction with the Xtensions Tip Primer and Tip Adhesive giving 21+ days of gorgeous wear in a non-damaging LED-based formula. The use of an LED gel as the Tip Adhesive ensures that each client has an ideal hold tailored to their natural nail shape providing superior comfort and wear. 

Purchase Gel On Xtensions Soft Gel Nail Tips at distributors worldwide now.

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