Electric nail drills or files are must‐have tools for every nail technician. They can be used for refills, product removal and manicures. They can cut your service time down to minutes and while they do require some prior training and safety measures, they're not too difficult to use. Here is a quick checklist on how to prevent major damage and feel successful when using your tool.


How to Use the Electric Nail Drill Safely and Correctly

When you get your new nail drill, you may be very excited and eager to turn on the power button and start using it. But before you do, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully and thoroughly understand how it works , especially if it’s your first time trying one out.

You must have heard or watched horror stories about toe curling clips or disasters like that. You need to know how to operate these machines at high speed safely.

After setting up your nail file and keeping all important safe operating instructions in mind, all you need is practice. Try the following tips...

  • Use a slow speed for the cuticle
  • Use a medium speed for backfills
  • Use a fast speed on the nail surface

How to Choose the Right Electric Nail Drill 

1. Feel the power

The revolutions per minutes, or RPMs, is the key feature that must be taken into consideration. Whether you’re going to use a drill for your natural nails or acrylic nails, the higher rated models normally land between 0‐35,000 RPMs.

MelodySusie Sparkle Plus Nail Drill is updated for professionals--it's a 35,000 RPMs nail drill. You can feel the power. It can perfectly meet your demand for natural nail care (15,000 RPMs) OR artificial applications/removals (at least 25,000 RPMs).



2. Choose one with low vibration

Vibration, noise and heat levels are key points for purchasing electric nail drills. High vibrating drills can cause damage to your client’s nails and also to your wrist and arm. Think about holding a drill with high vibration, noise and heat for an extended period of time while working on your clients’ hands and toes--annoying!

MelodySusie Sparkle Plus Nail Drill is equipped with an updated high‐quality bearing coreless motor which enables this electric nail file to work smoothly even at a high speed. Ultra‐smooth operation with lower heat and lower noise means you can hardly feel its vibration. 


3.Does it have forward and reverse modes?

Doing manicures and refills means you are going to need to work forward and reverse. With the nail bits turning both ways, it allows you to work in different directions without holding your/your clients’ hand in a twisted position. What’s more, it’s more convenient and safer! There is a F‐Forward and R‐Reverse button on MelodySusie Sparkle Plus Nail Drill, which means you just need a flick to change the direction. Perfect for the left‐handed and right‐handed.



4. Lightweight handpiece is better

Working with a heavy handpiece will greatly reduce your productivity, as you will feel uncomfortable and not be able to work for very long. This can also increase the chance of accidents during nail work. Made of special aluminum alloy material, MelodySusie Sparkle Plus Electric Nail File is lightweight:1.48 lbs in total and 0.28 lbs for handpiece.  It is compact enough to pack into your traveling kit or case, and allow you, the professional, to perform your art anytime, anywhere.



5. Do you want to deal with a cord?

A corded nail drill means it will always be plugged in, which can be a constraint, especially for manicurists who need to travel a lot. The wireless version will provide you with a more comfortable operating space. You don’t have to spend time dealing with tangled wires.

But you might be worried about the battery life of the cordless electric nail drill. MelodySusie Sparkle Plus Rechargeable Nail Drill will be your solution. With a built‐in 2000mAh rechargeable Li‐ion battery, the Sparkle Plus wireless nail drill provides more than 8 hours of use with only 2 hours of charge. This allows you freedom to work in any place even when there isn’t an electrical outlet available.


6. Compatible with standard 3/32 nail drill bits

Make sure you are choosing a nail drill that is compatible with a standard shank diameter of 3/32‐inch or 2.35mm bit size. You will need plenty of different bits to work with over time. An electric nail drill that accommodates the standard size files will make it much easier and safer to find replacement bits in the future.

In the package of MelodySusie Sparkle Plus Rechargeable Nail Drill, there are eight kinds of professional metal/ carbide/ ceramic nail drill bits (that also work with all kinds of 3/32” shank bits), so this E‐file meets your multiple manicures needs for trimming, grinding, carving, cutting, polishing as well as cuticle removal.

Also, high‐quality nail drills with nail bits will greatly improve your work efficiency, but also will dramatically reduce the probability of accidents.

MelodySusie newly released Tungsten Carbide Professional 5 in 1 Nail Drill Bits with seven different grits: XF, F, M, C, XC, 2XC, 3XC. It includes five different functions that can be used to clean the cuticle area, prepare the nail bed, shape and shorten the nail, smooth and remove on the surface, and clean under the nail. The coarseness on the drill surface changes from top to bottom: Top is for cutting dead skin, the second part is Double Fine, the third part is Extra Fine, and the bottom base is Fine grit.

Made of the hardest carbide tungsten material, the bits are hard‐wearing, sharp, and durable. Universal 3/32" (2.35mm) stainless steel shank perfectly suits most professional electric nail drills on the market. Designed to cut smoothly in clockwise and counter‐clockwise directions for both two hands; you can choose the direction needed.


6.Warranty is guaranteed

Things sometimes go wrong. In order to protect your assets, you have to make sure your electric nail file has at least 6‐month warranty from the date of purchase. If you run into any problems during that time, you won't have to spend a lot of money fixing your drill or buying a new one if something goes wrong.

MelodySusie Sparkle Plus Rechargeable Nail Drill have a full 6‐month warranty and 30 days’ money‐back guarantee. For purchasing through melodysusie.com, its warranty will last for 15 months. 

Finally...Always Maintain Proper Hygiene for Safety

After selecting the right electric nail drill and learning how to use it safely, you might be excited to start your nail journey. Using a nail file is fun but always remember to sterilize your nail drill and bits properly no matter how busy you are. 

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