This spring, people are using color to brighten things up and express their individuality in bold, spontaneous, and creative ways. 2022 color trends are all about pushing the limits and encouraging personal expression with inventive combinations and daring statements.

Nails have always been used as an accessory, but this spring more than ever nail designs are proving to be the ultimate expression of one’s own personal style. It’s all about breaking the rules and choosing colors and patterns that are authentic to you, not just following the status quo.


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With embracing one’s individuality comes an opportunity to find inspiration in the most unique and personalized ways. Find what speaks to you, whatever that is, and wear it with pride!

Here are 5 underrated sources of nail art inspiration that might help you tap into your unique nail art style:



Nail art and fashion tend to go hand in hand. You might find inspiration in the very clothing that your clients are wearing, or you may turn to the runway for some more avant‐garde influences.


This year, runways saw a lot of bold mixing and matching of not just colors, but patterns and textures as well. Think bold prints with contrasting colors, unconventional mixing and matching of patterns, and bright color‐blocking.

The very 90’s style mix‐and‐match manicure has been making its rounds, and we think you’re going to see a lot of unique color pairings and bold color‐blocked manis in the coming months ‐ the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through.

Interior Design 

Whether or not you realize it, things like paint colors, décor, and even furniture are big influences on a lot of other industries, nails being no different.

There has been a movement toward minimalist interior design, which has translated quite well to soft sheer nails with subtle accents.


At the same time, mid‐century modern influences have been big, bringing with it rich, deep tones mixed with eclectic or unexpected accents. Those mid‐century colors and patterns work just as well on a bold accent wall as they would on an accent nail!

Check out some of our current favourite design inspiration on our Spring Pinterest board!

Textiles and Fabrics

Inspiration can be absolutely anywhere ‐ if you look around at the textiles around you, you might be surprised how well you’re able to find inspiration for your next nail design. Maybe it’s a pillow with a bold print, a curtain with an interesting mix of colours, or perhaps you’re surprised by how much the gold legs on your favorite chair accent the color of the cushion.

You can easily turn to the fabrics and textiles around you for both color inspiration as well asideas for combining different textures and patterns!



The next time you’re admiring your favourite piece of art ask yourself: “How could I turn this into nail art?” Chances are, it’ll spark an idea. Whether it’s a hand‐painted work of art or a fun digital print, you’d be surprised how much nail art inspiration you can pull from it by just giving it a little thought.

If you don’t consider yourself an “artist” or freehand work isn’t your thing, that’s okay – it doesn’t have to be a literal rendition. You might find inspiration in the color choices, the technique, or the composition.


Nature is easy – it’s all around us, it’s effortless, and it’s timeless. Maybe you love natural looks inspired by some of your favourite stones or crystals, maybe you have a favourite flower that has some beautiful and unexpected coloring, or maybe there’s an animal that you admire for its interesting markings.

All of that is nail art inspiration! Take it and run wild.




If you’re ready to start creating nail designs that speak to your own individual style, give some of these sources of inspiration a try. You might be surprised how effectively tapping into your other influences inspires a little extra creativity!

Be bright, be bold, be you.

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