Ashley Edwards (@ae_academyofnails) is the International Director of Education for en Vogue, the Gel Company, and has been with the Canadian brand for 16 years.

"En Vogue was created by nail technicians in the industry looking for a superior product," Edwards shares.  "They continue to innovate and create products right there in the headquarters lab for the ever-growing and changing industry. I love working with a brand that always puts nail technicians first in education and product quality." 

 The en Vogue brand, Edwards says, was created for serious minded nail technicians and their education offerings reflect this; they collaborate with renowned international educators to offer virtual one-on-one training that can be tailored to suit specific needs.

 "en Vogue is so committed to education because it's the backbone to success and to creating incredibly long-lasting, durable nails," Edwards says. "We pride ourselves on being there to support each and every customer with any questions or troubleshooting at any time. We believe that 'Your success is our success'."

Edwards took some time to give us a look at the types of eduction she offers, and what nail techns need now in order to be successful. 

Q: What do you think are some of the greatest challenges facing nail technicians, right now? 

Ashley Edwards: I'd say one thing is definitely knowing how to charge appropriately for your time and the nail service. I hear this question everyday--'how do I know what to charge for this?' 

My response is always that you must charge what you're worth.  It is very important to calculate all aspects when deciding on your price. This includes taking into account your experience, education, quality  of product,  time, and very specifically, any nail art designs.

Secondly, new technicians face the challenge of not knowing what product brand to use. My advice to all nail technicians, new and experienced, is to research your products and make sure you are using a safe product, free of any harmful chemicals. This is so very important for yourself and your client's health and wellbeing.

Q: In addition to technique and classes in artistry, does en Vogue offer any classes focused on the business of nails? 

AE: Yes, I do offer business building and coaching! This is one of my absolute favorite topics in my education program.   I teach topics related to how to build your business for success, how to market your business, how to brand yourself, how to survive in the social media world today and so much more. Learning how to grow your business and clientele, manage the finances and prepare for the next steps is a crucial part of my "Nail Biz Coaching."

Q: What would you say is the most popular nail techique class you're offering right now?

AE: Well, I'd have to say the most popular nail technique I do is Sculpting with a Form on a Nail Biter. My favorite is the client that has next to zero natural nails left! This is one of my specialties and I am always teaching classes on Nailbiter Sculpting. Also, teaching the client how to take care of them and grow out their natural nails safely.  I love creating something from nothing and seeing that client's smile afterwards is simply the best. 

Q: Final words? 

 AE: I have always had such a passion for nails and the beauty industry. Teaching others the proper foundations of sculpting nails, how to be very successful with their clients and creating beautiful mail masterpieces is an honour. I feel it is a fulfilling and rewarding career that makes so many people in the world smile when they look at their hands, no matter what is going on in their lives! I want to share that with everyone! 


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