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Chloe Little, lead manicurist at Woodhouse Day Spas

Chloe Little, lead manicurist at Woodhouse Day Spas

Chloe Nelson is a Lead Manicurist and Coordinator for the Woodhouse Spas in Denver and Littleton Colorado. Her 15+ years of experience with clients and the Woodhouse brand means she onboards new staff, controls inventory and keeps the department organized for maximum efficiency, as well as helping to improve sales throughout the spas with her knowledge and attention to detail. 

It also means she has a broad view of some nail business basics, including skills needed to succeed, pricing structure, and even what's trending.  

Take some time out of your busy day in the salon to tap into some of Nelson's responses to our quick Q and A.  Your business will thank you!

Nail Business Basics

Q: For new nail technicians, what are the skills you suggest they concentrate on to feel confident in their services?

Chloe Nelson: Attention to detail with the basics - uniform nail shape, clean cuticle work and perfect polish - will keep clients coming back to you so you can grow other skills with time.

Q: For more experienced nail technicians, are you suggesting they raise their prices during this time of increased cost of goods?  If so, how do you suggest they communicate it?  If not, why not? 

CN: Nail technicians, specifically private technicians, should be aware of the market around them. As the nail shops and spas increase their prices you should be doing the same. The past couple years have created an emphasis that pedicures and manicures are more a necessity these days and your skills should be compensated. Guests are aware of rising costs all around them, give a gentle reminder that the products they love and space they are enjoying come at a premium. 

Q: For all technicians, what can they do to increase client retention? 

CN: Attention to detail and actively listening to your clients will create trust and a need for your work. Loyalty programs can go a long way as well, especially if you utilize pre purchase programs to ensure they continue to come back in harder times. If you go the pre purchase route, I highly encourage having a retail presence - they are more likely to shop when they don't feel the cost of the service at the time of appointment. 

Q: And finally, what do you see trending for fall manicures?

 CN: I'm excited for fall colors to arrive - muted, earthy colors with a mixture of gold foil or glitter. I'm loving the geode look and can't wait to play with it in earthy tones. Matte top coats will be great for changing an already beloved color to a fall favorite. 

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